M & M Cathodic Protection Services, Inc. designs, engineers and installs cathodic protection systems of all kinds for most all applications. M & M engineers translate client bid specifications and designs into systems for manufacture, installation and commissioning. Alternatively, total turnkey services of system design, manufacture, installation and commissioning can be provided as necessary to suit client's requirements.

With more than 4 decades of experience in design, installation and maintenance of Cathodic Protection installations, M & M Cathodic Protection Services, Inc. helps companies protect their structural investments and provides a safer environment. M & M Cathodic Protection Services, Inc. can meet your needs for high quality, long-life Cathodic Protection Systems. We specialize in oil, gas or injection well casings; gathering, transmission and distribution pipeline systems; product refinery and power plants; and above or below ground product storage tanks.

Cathodic Protection Systems require proper design, top-quality products, experienced personnel, and effective installation. M & M Cathodic Protection Services, Inc. can provide or work with certified Cathodic Protection Engineers, as required, and we provide the very best cathodic protection products and materials. M & M Cathodic Protection's expertise and investment in safety, proper equipment, training, and technology has honed our ability to deliver on-time, on-specification corrosion protection systems safely, professionally and efficiently.

The M & M commitment to excellence is based more than 40 years of working relationships with industry professionals, manufacturers, and clients. We own and operate our equipment, so you know it will be done right the very first time.


Most types of underground gas pipelines are subject to strict federal and state law requirements. These include inspection, survey, documentation, reporting, and other requirements. These laws and regulations can be very confusing, especially to a small property manager like mobile home park, apartment, RV park, or complex owners. We provide education and training on all of the federal and state requirements to insure you have no issues with state and federal regulatory inspectors. We also provide all required compliance documents required by law such as:

  • DIMP Plan (Gas Distribution Integrity Management Program)

  • O.Q. Plan (Operators Qualification Plans)
  • Federal Title 49, Part 192 Compliance
  • Master Meter System Compliance
  • Interfacing with State Public Utilities Commissions (PUC)
  • Interfacing with Federal Department of Transportation (DOT)
  • Annual Cathodic Protection Surveys
  • Annual Gas Leak Surveys
  • Federal Compliant Emergency Plans
  • Federal Compliant Public Awareness Plans
  • Federal Compliant
  • Public Awareness Plan Handouts
  • Federal Compliant Damage Prevention Programs
  • O & M Manuals (Operations and Maintenance Plans)
  • O.Q. Sniff Test Documents
  • O.Q. Valve Inspection Documents

We evaluate, author, and train hundreds of small property owners to insure full compliance with state and federal regulators. We also interface with the state inspectors when compliance issues are identified and assist our clients in navigating the confusing regulatory environment.


Over the past 40 years, M & M Cathodic Protection Services, Inc. has provided and conducted all phases of gas leak surveys throughout the U.S. No job is too big or too small. We have provided surveys to large companies that operate multi-state gas transmission lines to small owner operators of mobile home parks. The following are some of the types of surveys we have conducted.

  • Post-Construction Leak Location Surveys

  • Utah DERR UST cathodic protection testing
  • Utah DERR UST cathodic protection repairs
  • Annual Distribution System Surveys
  • Annual, 3-Year & 5-Year Surveys
  • Annual Wall-to-Wall Surveys
  • Pre-Paving Surveys
  • Post Incident Investigations
  • Emergency Surveys (Earthquake)
  • System Evaluations for Escrow
  • Accidental Over-Pressurization Surveys
  • Smart Pig Surveys
  • Annual Cathodic Protection Surveys
  • Pipeline cathodic protection evaluations


Small property owners like mobile home park, apartment, RV park, or complex owners across the West rely on M & M Cathodic Protection Services, Inc. to provide quality third-party inspection services, ensuring their assets are built and maintained to specs, fully compliant with federal and state laws, and operated reliably and safely. As a leading provider of third party inspection services, M & M Cathodic Protection Services, Inc. has earned a reputation for excellence and integrity. We provide inspections in various fields including:

  • NACE (National Association of Corrosions Engineers) Compliant Testing

  • Field Gas Distribution System Inspections
  • Master Meter System Federal Compliance Reviews
  • Master Meter System State Compliance Reviews
  • Construction Gas Distribution System Inspections
  • Pipeline Integrity Inspections
  • Pipeline Location/Survey Inspections
  • Gas Distribution System Welding Inspectors
  • Civil Inspections
  • Utility Inspections
  • Electrical and Instrumentation Inspections


Steel rusts and deteriorates when exposed to the elements. Rusting is an electrochemical process that affects most underground or underwater metallic structures, including oil and gas pipelines. To protect the environment and address the high costs of repair/replacement, it’s important to control corrosion. The most effective method to prevent corrosion is called cathodic protection, which has been used since the early 1800's. M & M Cathodic Protection Services, Inc. has been providing quality cathodic protection services for more than 30 years.

Cathodic protection (CP) is a technology used to control the corrosion of a metallic structure by making it work as the cathode in an electrochemical cell. The two primary types of cathodic protection are:

A galvanic (sometimes referred to as passive or sacrificial) system uses active metals (aluminum, zinc, or magnesium) to generate the protective current. It is best used on well-coated structures of a limited size. A common example would be the anodes on a boat hull.

Applications for cathodic protection include:

  • Aboveground storage tanks

  • Underground metallic storage tanks
  • Water storage tanks, both soil side and water-contact surfaces
  • Underground metallic pipelines
  • Power plant structures: intake, discharge, circulating water, fuel systems
  • Marine structures






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